Our highly trained recruiters use their years of experience to undertake advanced searches for talent across job boards, social media sites, various search engines, and use Boolean search strings.

  • Start right by smart sourcing

  • Blend traditional & modern techniques

  • Identify right keywords

  • Construct perfect search string

  • Assess resume effectiveness

  • Explore job boards & social media platform


We have experienced team of recruiters who are adept in screening and testing the appropriate candidates as per the client's requirement.

  • Screen in best candidates

  • Assess job suitability

  • Minimize hiring risks

  • Optimize speed & accuracy

  • Streamline process

  • Shortlist basis role fitness


We have recruiters who deal with candidates in a balanced approach to avoid potential pitfalls while keeping price in mind and make sure our client enjoy value for money hires.

  • Access expertise across negotiation genres

  • Avoid potential pitfalls

  • Wean talent intelligently

  • Enjoy value-for-money hires


With years of experience, our recruiting team has become expert in crafting and formatting resume.

  • Access expert resume crafting skills

  • Craft resume by apprising talent

  • Format resumes that grab attention

  • Highlight strengths fittingly

  • Save time and hassle


Recruiting professionals schedules debrief as soon as possible after the interview round (within 24 hours). We use the debrief to focus on if a candidate is qualified to advance to the next round in the hiring process.

  • Apprise position & responsibilities

  • Brief candidates

  • Initiate series of interviews

  • De-brief and glean ‘learnings’